Customs and Brexit

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Mastering customs formalities

We are specialised in transport to and from the UK and Ireland, and have full control of all customs and regulatory procedures to ensure your goods arrive safely.

Today, in the post-Brexit context, the export of goods to the UK is subject to numerous administrative formalities which vary according to the nature of the goods. More than ever, cross-Channel transport is a specialist business.

Brexit and customs procedures
  • Staff trained in customs formalities, able to provide you with personalised advice or to assist you with your procedures
  • Atlantic Europe Express is approved by customs offices all along the Atlantic seaboard – from Roscoff to Dunkirk – which enables us to handle customs formalities at any point of entry or exit
  • An administrative department that monitors customs procedures for you

Reliable and recognised freight forwarding and customs brokerage partners.

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we rely on approved customs brokerage partners

In France: SOGENA TRANSIT manages customs operations related to the Brexit. Present in the ports of Caen, Le Havre, Rouen and Dieppe

In the United Kingdom: PORTICO in the port of Portsmouth